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Nomination Criteria

Nominations will be open from 14th July 2022 to 18th October 2022. Shortlisted Nominees will subsequently be announced.

Ghana Energy Awards



Procedures, Rules and Requirements

Nominations can be submitted either directly from a company, from an involved individual, or from a third party. In any case, the Ghana Energy Awards team will send a written acknowledgment to the nominated company or individual to officially inform them about their nomination.

All nominations and supporting materials must be submitted electronically through the GEA website (www.ghanaenergyawards.com) or via email ([email protected])

 NoteBefore submitting nominations, please study the GEA ’22 Categories Criteria document for detailed reference to the judging and scoring benchmarks for each category.

Companies or individuals should not be nominated for more than one award that is based on the same merit or as a single achievement as justification for both. Such nominations will be discarded by the judges.

Ghana Energy Awards further reserves the right to;

  • move a nomination to another category if the entry rather fits the other category
  • not to hand out an award if there were not enough submissions in that category
  • not to consider incomplete entries


Submission of Nominations

Each nomination, that is, a company or personal profile, must be submitted with keen attention to the requested documents and relevant information. Any additional materials that support the nomination can be submitted, that may include web links, photographs, and other documents.

Carefully go through the Awards Brochure and Categories Criteria before submission. The GEA recommends that all submitted documents are tailored to the respective category for which it was made.

Kindly note that all information and supporting documents submitted via the online nomination portal on the GEA website or through email are treated with utmost confidentiality, only to be used by the Energy Media Group (Organisers), Ghana Energy Awards and its Awarding Panel.


Shortlisting Nominees

Nominations will be open from 14th July 2022 to 18th October 2022. Shortlisted Nominees will subsequently be announced after Close of Nominations.

Shortlisted nominees will be officially publicised at the GEA Nominees Announcement & Unveiling of Redesigned Awards Plaque ceremony on 1st November, 2022. Further announcements will be made on the GEA website, in a press release and on all GEA social media accounts. The seeded nominees will also be contacted directly about their respective nominations.

Award Winners will only be declared and notified at the Ghana Energy Awards Gala event. The shortlisted candidates must therefore attend the awards ceremony which takes place on 25th November 2022 at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra at 6:00PM.

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