The Ghana Energy Awards aims to recognize the innovation and excellence stalwarts within the energy sector.

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Award Categories

1 .Energy Personality of the Year

Our Apex Award is given to an outstanding person who achieved wide spread success and approval in the energy sector through his/her actions and achievements that positively benefited the sector and Ghana as a whole. Both public and private sector personality are considered under this category and male and female recipients are awarded separately.

A . Male

B . Female

2 .CEO of the Year

The category is for a Chief Executive Officers or Managing Directors who through leadership and strategy have a significant impact on the organization that he/she is leading while achieving growth and profitability.

A . Petroleum

B . Power

3 .Industry Leadership Award

Awarded to a company that proved that it leads by example as it achieved impeccable results and reputation within the energy sector. The nominee must be considered as a thought leader in the industry and initiator.

A . Petroleum

B . Power

4 .Energy Company of the year

A . Petroleum

B . Power

C . Renewable

5 . Energy Institution of the year

An organization, academic, NGO or public, who through its operations and innovation was able to positively impact the energy sector, the community, and Ghana as a whole.

6 . Rising Star Award-Individual

Given to a young and upcoming person in the energy sector, who has proven that it is able to achieve success and recognition through his/her work and contribution. Must be between 18 and 35 years.

7 . Best Energy Reporter of the year

Awarded to outstanding journalist and media personnel, who was able to impact the energy sector and the community through sound reporting and outstanding work. The nominee must have presented relevant and credible industry and breaking news.

8 .Emerging Energy Company of the year

Awarded to a company, who is rapidly growing in the energy sector through which it is becoming a significant player in the industry and excels within the space that it operates in. The nominee must operate for less than five years.

A . Petroleum

B . Power

C . Renewable

9 . Innovation Project of the year

Awarded to either an individual or an organization who came up with an innovative technology, product or solution to a real-life problem that is affecting the world.

10 . Off-grid Energy Solution of the year

Sustainable off-grid project or investment in rural areas with the aim of providing a business model that is cost effective and affordable electrification to deprived communities in an environmentally friendly manner. The project must be a generation from a mix of renewable energy resources to satisfy electrical needs and must be very reliable.

11 . Strategic deal of the year

Recognizes a successful closure of a new energy project, asset buyout or full company merger or acquisition from either government or private organizations. Judges want to understand the overall strategic significance and impact of each submitted transaction in an era of uncertain markets and interdependence.

12 .Energy Efficient organization of the year

Recognizes organizations that have demonstrated leadership and best practice in implementing energy efficiency program as the key strategy. There must be an indication where energy their consumption has significantly improved and savings made for the organizations. Must be dedicated to making the world a safer and better place to live.

A . Private

B . Public

13 . Corporate Social Responsibility Company of the year

Organizations are awarded that recognize that they are not standing on their own but rather part of a community and through immense efforts wish to give back to the community.

14 . Excellence in power generation

The nominee must be distinguished by an innovative design and engineering upgrades, producing more reliable with less downtime, economically cheaper compared to the other plants or demonstrating a new generation using environmental technology in an efficient manner.

15 . Energy Consultancy Services Company of the year

Service companies that have provided specific services and products to the energy sector that differentiate them from their peers.

16 .Energy Business Leadership Award

Recognizes an outstanding Entrepreneur in the energy sector whose leadership practice or example has been exceptional within the industry. The nominee must have shown the track record of leading and generating business investment in the sector. Must have employed 100 people or more and whose annual turnover is not less than five million Ghana Cedis.

A . Male

B . Female

17 . Best Local Content Compliance Company of the year

The winner is recognized for their proven track record for favoring local content or by contributing to the project as the local content providers through their excellence.

18 . Brand of the year

The category is for corporate brand or product, that has excelled in the way it is presented and communicated to the public through which it was able to build wide spread recognition and loyalty.